With the start of the New Year, it’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your love of cycling by making some resolutions for the year. Maybe you want to tackle new treks, or maybe you want to increase your speed or distance. Maybe you want to get a new bike or other gear, or maybe you just want to try cycling in new locales or at new times.

Making resolutions helps you to enjoy your hobby in new ways so that it stays exciting and fresh. Here are five New Year’s resolutions you might consider making as a cycle tour junkie:

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Cycle Tour Junkies

1. Do a Long-Distance Ride

You might get in some good rides with your daily cycling, but you may be itching to push yourself to take on a real challenge with a long-distance ride. You could sign up for a scenic ride that spans 50 or 100 miles or even more. You could turn your next vacation into a long-distance bike ride instead.

Sign up for the bike ride when you make the resolution to improve the chances that you will keep it. You may even buy tickets or make hotel reservations to further solidify your plans.

2. Sign Up for a Race

There’s nothing like entering a race to revive your competitive spirit and make you excited about cycling again. Make it a resolution to enter a race or other cycling event this year. Make it a race you haven’t entered before so that you’re experiencing something new. Consider signing up for a longer race than what you might typically do, entering a multi-day cycling event, or even going out of the country to participate.

You can find a race or cycling event for any interest, whether you’re interested in endurance races, charity events, scenic tours, and more. Do some research to find a race or cycling event that really gets you excited.

3. Volunteer at a Charity Event

You can’t always be the one racing and raising money at charity races. But just because you aren’t raising money doesn’t mean you can’t help. You can volunteer to help put the event on, thereby making it a great experience for other cyclers and helping the charity at the same time.

Think about the charities you believe in and find out if they have a race you can support. Or look at charity race listings and find a group you want to support. There are many ways you can volunteer, so you should find a role that you like.

4. Introduce Someone Else to Cycling

Remember when you just started cycling? You can relive that experience and all the wonder that came with it by introducing someone new to cycling. Ask a friend who is talking about getting back into shape to go cycling with you. Or invite a friend who has been talking about trying something new with their fitness routine.

Try new routes, go at different speeds, or sign up for races together. You’ll get excited to share your passion, and you’ll put a little variety into your routine.

5. Maintain a Healthy Balance

It can be easy to get carried away with your love of cycling. You can push yourself a little further or a little harder, and before you know it, you are overdoing it. You are cycling much more than is healthy, and you are not giving your body time to rest. Plus, cycling starts to be more like a job than a passion.

Make it a resolution to maintain a healthy balance in your cycling. Include some different fitness activities, and make sure that you are spending plenty of time with friends and family.

Making these and other New Year’s resolutions can help you get more out of your cycling, whether you do it as a hobby or you pursue it seriously for fitness and competition. Add to these resolutions by thinking of new things you want to do or goals you want to reach with your cycling. You’ll experience something new, and you’ll feel great about yourself and your progress.

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