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Guiding Peru offers unique and exclusive tours: professional and enthusiastic, we look forward to showing you the beauty of the “Real Peru”.

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About Us

Tour Variety

Guiding Peru offers a unique variety of tours, many of which are exclusive to our company. These include specialty multi-day treks on the Inca Trails and alternative treks into Machu Picchu. In addition to our inclusive package tours we provide professionally guided full-day tours of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

Avoid the Crowds

We have carefully designed the trekking routes to avoid the crowds of the other tour operators and insure our guests enjoy more solitude along the trails and at our private campsites.

Top-Rated Service

Guiding Peru offers you the comfort and confidence of dealing with a USA based company that works closely with our Cusco Peru based third party provider of services for our tours.

Sustainable Tourism

Guiding Peru takes great pride of ensuring our company and staff respect and practice ethical tourism and insures our porter’s welfare. Working along with local mountain communities, Guiding Peru, allows cultural exchanges between the Quechua community and our customers. We are committed to improving the living conditions for the people of Peru and throughout the year we visit the mountain villages where our porters come from to assist where needed.

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Why Travel with Guiding Peru?

  • USA based office utilizing an experienced provider of services located in Cusco Peru
  • Professional USA tour managers, creating and organizing specialty trips
  • Experienced English/Spanish speaking lead guides
  • Professional Chefs: accommodating special diets and dietary restrictions
  • Providing the highest value of tours with most inclusions in the industry
  • Exclusive Peru tours that are unique and “off the beaten path”, away from the crowds
  • Custom tour availability
  • Flexible start dates – You select your date of departure
  • Small Group Sizes: maximum of 10 guests/trip
  • Promoting responsible tourism throughout Peru
  • Support of local Andean communities
  • North American quality standards for equipment
  • 24/7 emergency in-trip USA contact number
Guiding Peru trekking tour company

Our Peru Sustainable Tourism Certification

Sustainable Tourism

We all can enjoy Peru for centuries to come by practicing sustainable efforts now.

Guiding Peru’s porters treatment

Porter Treatment

At Guiding Peru, all of our porters receive fair treatment and a fair wage.

Animal welfare logo - We respect and care animals

Animal Treatment

The safety, treatment, and care of animals is a top priority at Guiding Peru.

Guiding Peru Tripadvisor listing

Rated Excellent

Guiding Peru is ranked #1 in the trekking tour industry by our guests.

Management Team

Office Staff

We are pleased to work with the friendliest staff in all of Cusco as well as in our USA office. In addition to their smiles they are all very competent and understand our tours inside out. They enjoy working with our clients to insure that the trips that are selected will match their desires and abilities. Our tour company will insure our services will exceed your expectations.

John Dzurka

John Dzurka

Executive Director USA
John was born and raised in Canada and moved his family into the United States in 2008. John is the founder of Guiding Peru and a specialist in tourism management. He has owned and managed businesses in Canada and the USA and his international experiences have assisted him in understanding different cultures, traditions, customs and people. Along with his Cusco Peru providers of service, they work along with the Indigenous peoples in providing unique itineraries that are exclusive to Guiding Peru. John’s philosophy is to ensure that our guests truly experience Peru first-hand. He leads by example and combines his staff’s expertise and the magic of the mountains into wonderfully unique and unforgettable experiences.

Brayan Morveli Peralta

Brayan Morveli Peralta

Director of Operations and Lead Guide
Brayan was born and raised in the small community of Pillahuara, near Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Cusco. Here he studied primary school until 12 years of age when his Mom relocated his brother and him to Chumbivilcas, where he continued his studies. Living in these two places is where he found his love for the mountains, traditions and customs of the people. He started to find the direction his life would take, teaching others to preserve the history of this wonderful land and ensuring the successes of the local people. With over 10 years experience as a professional guide and continuing to take studies of Incan history, tourism and languages Brayan looks forward to educating our guests in the same way. Brayan’s experience enables him to provide Guiding Peru’s clients with the most comprehensive, “off the beaten path” trekking tours available into Machu Picchu and beyond!

Marco Morveli

Marco Morveli

Manager of Tour Logistics
“NERO” as his friends call him, was born and raised in The Sacred Valley and as his brother Brayan moved to Chumbivilcas, located in the highlands of the Cusco Region, 11 hours south east of Cusco City. Upon completing his school studies Nero moved to Cusco city, where he started working in the tour industry while continuing his secondary studies. Here is where he discovered the amazing world of the Porters of the Inca Trail, their hard lives and beautiful families. Working as a porter since 2003 and a professional driver since 2008, he understands that it is one of the hardest activities for people of the countryside. Through his promotion to management he wishes to assist others in making better lives for themselves and their families. Nero is responsible for the organization of staff, drivers, cooks and porters for all our treks.

Reuben Huayllapuma

Reuben Huayllapuma

Office Manager and Lead Guide
Well known as “NEGRO”, Ruben was born and raised in the community of Pillahuara, located near Pisac in The Sacred Valley. As early as 5 years of age he began helping his parents on their small farm, with corn or maiz as his specialty. He completed his studies in Pisac, where he walked 1 hour to school each day. During this time he understood that hiking is something that we would like to pursue more as a job when he grew older. Studying in the morning and helping his parents in the afternoon, he considered himself lucky that his parents sent him to school every day, which is something that many others couldn’t do. Today in his Village attitudes towards education are changing, which he is proud to be a part of as many look up to him for his success in competing the tourism program at the University of Cusco. Ruben is the office manager in Cusco and continues to be one of our lead guides. In his “off” time he works with a reforestation and irrigation project in the mountain communities and is our company’s biggest proponent of “Sustainable Tourism”.

Christain Quispe

Christain Quispe

Manager of Porters
Christian is better known on the trails as “C(k)ata and was born and raised in Cusco City. C(k)ata has been involved in the trekking business for many years and has worked in a variety of roles with many local companies that continually seek out his expertise. He has been a lifelong friend of Brayan, Ruben and Marco and looks forward to insuring the team of Porters and Horseman are properly prepared to serve our clients on all of the treks we offer. When not on the trails or in the office, C(k)ata can be found on the local soccer fields demonstrating his skills as he leads his teams to success in the local Cusco tournaments. As with all of our management team, he wishes to insure the growth of the local mountain villages by training the team’s trekking staff to be the best in the business.

Cusco Peru Operations Team

Lead Guides

Guiding Peru utilizes guides that are professionally trained and live in the Cusco region. They all speak fluently in Spanish and English and know much of the Native language of Quechua. They are passionate in regards to the Inca and Spanish history and enjoy sharing their stories with our guests. Many guests have relayed to our management team that after listening to our guides on the trails they know they were guided by the best. Safety continues to be of high priority and our guides work with our office staff to insure that they receive updates on trail conditions and potential weather implications that may affect the trails and the safety of our guests while on treks.

David Aragón

David Aragón

Lead Guide
David is Guiding Peru’s senior guide with over 15 years of experience leading guests on tours in the Cusco Region. David’s attention to detail and knowledge on Peru’s history guarantees guests an amazing experience.

Pabel Pomalaza

Pabel Pomalaza

Lead Guide
Lives in Cusco City. Has been a professional guide for over 10 years in Peru. Pabel takes great pride in sharing his knowledge of the history of the ancient civilizations of Peru.

Franklin Aragón

Franklin Aragón

Lead Guide
Fran has been leading treks on the Inca Trail and tours into Machu Picchu for over 10 years. He enjoys meeting new guests and sharing stories of his Queschua culture and history of Inca times.

Chefs and Assistant Chefs

Our chefs understand the importance and value of proper nutrition during trekking trips. These chefs insure a proper balance of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and nutritious properties during their food preparation. Providing tasty, balanced meals that our guests look forward to morning, noon and evening. They also provide vegetarian option and any special requirement for meals due to health reasons or allergies that our guests may have, just let us know your special diet requests when booking your trip so we can coordinate the proper menu.

Guiding Peru tour chefs

Chef FRANCISCO CURASI: Francisco, better known as PANCHO the last Inca Chef, was born in a small community, located 3 hours to the south of Cusco city, in the province of Ccatc. He worked as a chef for over 6 years on the Inca trail before taking the lead chef’s position for lodges located in the mountains of Peru. He is now back cooking on the trails as Guiding Peru’s lead chef and our team considers him one of the best mountain trekking chefs in Cusco. Pancho remains in close contact with the local mountain communities and he recruits porters from these villages. Pancho is 35 years old, married with 3 children.

Chef VALERIO: Valerio is from Cuncani, a community that we visit on our tours in the Lares Province. He has spent his life as a highlander, making him an expert mountain climber and is well known in the Cusco valley. At 13 years of age, he started as one of the youngest assistant cooks in the region and he has spent his entire life learning all aspects of the trekking business. Guests consider his food amazing and are surprised at how and what he prepares for meals while on the trails. Valerio is 35 years old, married with 1 child. Valerio is always smiling, as he enjoys his job and the hard work, as it will allow his daughter more options and better choices for her future studies.


Our Porters are the heart and soul of our team that live in the villages that we travel though on our treks and tours.

We believe and practice porter welfare; by providing our porters with nutritious meals and proper equipment while on the trails and by ensuring they are paid a fair and legal wage for the services they provide.

We understand that by including porter village visits on our tours that we will assist in their ability to self sustain through the contributions of Guiding Peru and the purchases of locally made products that are offered to our clients. Guiding Peru is committed to social projects that help enrich the lives of our porters and their families.

When not working on the trails, most porters dedicate themselves to their farm, local community and the agriculture in the area.

Our porters are the happiest and most friendly of all the porters working on the trails throughout this region of Peru. Their enthusiasm and energy will stimulate you to succeed on your trek.

Guiding Peru Inca Trail Porters

Sustainable Tourism/Community Support

  • Guiding Peru and each member of our staff respect the local cultures of the places and people that we visit and guide our clients into. Our itineraries are carefully designed so that you will have opportunities to meet and interact with the local people in their home villages, while respecting their way of life.
  • Guiding Peru proudly gives back to the mountain communities we travel through and provide opportunities for employment for those that live in these regions surrounding Cusco.
  • All of us at Guiding Peru realize that this region in Peru, including Machu Picchu, is a fragile environment and we feel a responsibility to protect and preserve these wonderful places. We are dedicated in preserving and protecting these natural resources through education by example on tours.
  • Guiding Peru is committed to improving the living conditions for the people of Peru and throughout the year we visit the mountain villages where our porters come from to assist where needed.

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