The South American country- Peru is known as one of the few countries in the world that boast of stunning beauty, incredible archaeological sites (of pre-Colombian civilization), the amazing diversity of animal and plant species, breathtaking mountain ranges, beautiful monasteries, cathedrals and exciting Andean culture. There are many reasons that attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy a wonderful Peru travel. The breathtaking peaks, exotic jungle, coastal desert, ancient cultures are some of the best attractions that make Peru an ultimate destination which welcomes adventure enthusiast, nature and wildlife lover across the globe.
Here are some exciting reasons that attract many tourist and travelers to plan for a wonderful travel to Peru, please have a look!
1. Machu Picchu:
Your visit to Peru is not complete until you visited the Incan Citadel Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts of cultural and natural values. By relying on a Peru travel agency or a Local tour guide , you can explore the Machu Picchu in a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy some panoramic views and explore the Inca ruins and explore the history of Peru civilisation. Often known as the wonderland of Peru, the Machu Picchu lives up to and beyond its hype. No doubt, visiting this place after an exhilarating trek will prove to be rewarding.
2. Lake Titicaca’s Floating Islands:
Known as the high-altitude lake, the Lake Titicaca is famous for its local indigenous communities. Here you will get an opportunity to witness the man-made floating islands, where the people of Uros (a small South American tribe in Peru) reside. It is believed that the Lake Titicaca is a home to forty small islands. A huge number of tourist visit Peru to witness the amazing floating islands each year. Here as a tourist, you will get a chance to observe their unique way of life that will make your trip memorable.
3. The Inca Trail:
One of the world famous and popular trails in South America, the Inca trail is considered as the 4-day and 20-mile trail, which starts from the Sacred Valley and ends up at the Machu Picchu. This trekking trail is an awe-inspiring, challenging and naturally beautiful, which attracts thousands of tourists to enjoy an exhilarating trekking to reach the Machu Picchu citadel. This breathtakingly beautiful trail will take you through three dramatic Andean landscapes and ancient Incan ruins.
4. Ancient Cultures:
Peru is a dream destination that attracts archeology and history lovers across the globe. Numerous ancient ruins are scattered across the country, which a visitor can explore to know more about ancient traditions and cultures. You will find that over 16% of Peru population speaks Quechua (the language of the Incas). Make sure to get an assistance of a reputable Peru travel agency to learn and explore about the Peru’s ancient culture.
5. Sacred Valley:
Former hub of the Inca Empire, the Sacred Valley region is full of picturesque terraced agriculture fields that are framed by Andean peaks. The Sacred Valley is a home to some of the beautiful ruins in Peru like Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Home to attractive colonial towns and weaving villages, the sacred Valley is tucked under the skirts of formidable foothills that will help you to enjoy some breathtaking views.
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