Lares ultimate Discovery to Machu Picchu 10 days


Multi-day Adventure
Hiking on the remote Lares Trail and the Inca Trail
Connect with native people
Enjoy private guided tour of Machu Picchu
Exhilarating Huayna Picchu climb
Explore cultural Cusco and Sacred Valleya Guiding Peru Exclusive
Visit a rural mountain village school
Healthy snacks and meals and high quality deluxe camping and accommodations
Flexible start day

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Tour Overview
Guiding Peru’s exclusive 9 Day adventurous Lares Ultimate Discovery to Machu Picchu Tour allows you to explore the remote Lares trail and connect with the local people and learn about their customs. On this guided tour you can explore various places like Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley. Our guided tour will take you “off the beaten path” to witness an authentic Andean community, surrounded by stunning mountains, valleys, and lakes. Our  Lares Ultimate Discovery to Machu Picchu Tour package offers a deep insight into the lives of the people of Cusco and the Sacred Valley as well as an opportunity to explore the wonders of the Lares Trail, hidden within the magnificent snow-capped Andes. On our guided tour you will love to explore the beautiful Lares Valley and witness the serene, magical mountain scenery and the legacy of the Incas.
Tour Planning
On this tour you can expect extreme hiking. You should come prepared with proper equipment. Training for at least 2 months before the trek is advised. Please do not leave any required equipment at home. Our guides will provide much of the equipment but please ask. Please read our booking policy before purchase.
Tour Itinerary

Lares Ultimate Discovery to Machu Picchu Tour Details

The specially designed, Lares Ultimate Discovery to Machu Picchu Tour, is exclusive to Guiding Peru. This guided tour begins by exploring all of the important areas of Cusco and the Sacred Valley and will lead into trekking on the magnificent Lares and Inca Trails. One of the provinces of the Cusco region, Lares is where you will find the communities continue to remain in contact with Incan traditions. By following the Inca trails, we will get the best opportunity to stay “off the beaten path”. Normally, very few locals, and even fewer tourists, get a chance to experience these trails, hiking in solitude with spectacular scenery. On this tour, Guiding Peru’s tour guide will help introduce you to a local farming family and allow you to share and learn about their daily lives. Lead by a local shaman, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to practice reciprocity to nature and learn about the offering of gifts to Mother Earth. Your guide will then help you understand the vast history of the region, view the glacier-capped peaks and trek along a remote stretch of the Inca Trail while enjoying its rich traditions and customs.

Day 1: Arrival To Cusco Peru

Accommodation: Hilton Garden Inn, Cusco Meals: Welcome Reception

Greeting by a Guiding Peru representative(s) at the Cusco airport and private van(s) transfer to the 4* Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Cusco. Rest and acclimatize prior to this afternoon’s introduction to our tea who will be guiding you throughout your Peru adventure. In the late afternoon your guide(s) will return t0 your hotel and lead you on a private walking tour of the Plaza de Armas leading to the wonderful Cusc Inca Museum, where you will enjoy a guided tour and introduction to the Inca and pre-Inca cultures. Following, you will be led on a guided walk to the heights of the San Blas district of Cusco where you will enjoy an evening Welcome Reception including dinner and drinks, overlooking the city and marvel at the lights of Cusco, followed by an itinerary-briefing from your lead guide. Return to the Hilton hotel by van or guided walk.

Day 2: Guided City Tour Of Cusco And Sacsayhuaman Park

Accommodation: Hilton Garden Inn, Cusco Meals: Breakfast and deluxe picnic lunch buffet

On the second day of the tour, your guide will pick you up in the hotel lobby at 8:00 am to begin an exciting deluxe city tour of Cusco. This morning, you will have a chance to enjoy walking through the most traditional and important streets of the city. You will first visit Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, where your guide will describe the ancient Inca-built buildings, exploring the streets of the city and visiting the Saint Christopher Church. Here you will have an opportunity to experience one of the best views of the city before continuing the walk down to the San Blas Incan urbanization.  You will then be able to visit Cusco’s first church and enjoy one of South America’s finest pulpits that is carved in cedar wood. After visiting this sacred church you will continue on foot to explore the Temple of the Sun- Qoricancha. At this temple, you will observe an interesting blend between Inca culture, Catholicism, and their variations in building techniques. From the Qoricancha you will continue to walk along some of the side streets of Cusco to the Main Cathedral. Here your guide will describe its history and the Andean art within, which includes the choir or the Andean Last Supper. After this fascinating walking city tour, in the afternoon, we will drive up to Quenko- The Temple of Fertility. Here you will enjoy a 30 minute private guided tour. In the amazing highlands, you will get a chance to enjoy a delicious chef-prepared buffet picnic lunch with drinks. Your lunch spot will be near an ancient trail on the grounds of a newly built mountain village school. After lunch, you will get a chance to visit the children in the schoolhouse. Then we will start walking down an ancient Inca trail to the Sacsayhuaman Incan archaeological site for a 2-hour private tour and exploring the complete site. After the tour, we will travel back by a private van to your Cusco hotel. This evening you will be able to enjoy, on your own, a delicious dinner in one of the fine Cusco restaurants. Your guide will help you with selections if required.

Day 3: Guided Sacred Valley Tour

Accommodation: Hilton Hotel Cusco ,  Meals: Breakfast, traditional Andean lunch, snacks

On day 3 you’ll enjoy a full-day tour of the Sacred Valley. Guiding Peru’s exclusive schedule makes this journey unique and totally different from the others. We start driving to Chincheros at 7am, famous for its weaving and spectacularly sited at high altitude. (3,800m) We will visit a weaving house and have a demonstration on dying and weaving techniques. You will have the opportunity to purchase quality wool items direct from those who make the products at a price much lower than the stores in Cusco. Next we will continue our drive through the Sacred Valley to the Incan Laboratory of Moray, an amazing place of experimentation of micro climates in the highlands, built in a shape of amphitheater. Continuing the tour for a few more minutes, we arrive in Maras Salt Pans, the main mine of salt production in Peru since the first civilizations in South America, and one of the most productive ones in the world. It provides pink salt and from here, you will get a great view of the area which looks like a moon landscape. After lunch we continue driving 1 hour 15 minutes to Ollantaytambo. Upon arrival, your guide will tour you through Ollantaytambo for about 45 minutes explaining this City as the best example of an intact Inca village. It is charming with its waterways running through the quaint streets of the town. You will explore the archaeological site, having some free time to take pictures and to explore the town. Following this wonderful tour, we continue driving back to Cusco stopping in at the village of Pisac, where you will have some free time to wonder and shop at the local market, famous for its traditional goods and street foods. Lastly we will arrive back into Cusco to your hotel for 6pm where you will enjoy and evening on your own, preparing for tomorrow’s departure for your trek into Machu Picchu.

Day 4: Cusco – Cancha Cancha – Azul Cocha

Campsite elevation 4000m High Altitude 4000m Accommodation: Deluxe Camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner with snacks

On the fourth day, we will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and then drive by van through the Sacred Valley for approximately 1:30 hours to Sayhuapata (2,800m). This is the lowest altitude of our trip and also the starting point. Here our hike begins at the end of a dirt road that goes to Cancha Cancha community. We will follow a small river up through the mountain corridor to enjoy 4 hours trekking viewing the thatched-roof stone houses of the Cancha Cancha community (3,450m). Here we will be able to view two brilliant glacial lakes, Suirococha and Yuraccocha and also see a number of bird species like Andean Ibis and Andean geese. Near this village we will set up tents for our delicious lunch, prepared by our professional chef. After lunch, we will take the original Incan stone path for 2 hours up to the first pass, which is located at 4650m. At the top of the pass, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular view of the snow-covered peaks of Pitusiray (5,750m) and Chicon (5,500 m).  The next section of the trail you will walk on a narrow, rocky path, providing a spectacular view of the valleys, lakes and communities. After 2 hours of hiking adventure, we will arrive at our campsite near the beautiful lake Azul Cocha, (4000m).

Day 5: Azulcocha – Cuncani – Yanacocha

Campsite Altitude: 4500m High Altitude: 4900m Accommodation: Deluxe Camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks

Your fifth day of the tour starts with a unique experience of being invited into a local family’s house. This will help you observe their traditions, like a weaving demonstration, from the wool of llamas and alpacas. Here, you will have the opportunity to purchase some items from the ladies who work on the garments and can also assist them in the final preparation of the product. You will meet a local shaman to practice and learn about the offerings in reciprocity to nature. You will enjoy today’s lunch that will be traditionally cooked by the family, consisting of local cuy (guinea pig) and alpaca. After having lunch, we will continue trekking to the next pass called Pumahuanca that is located at (4,900m). Our evening camp site will be close to the pass, which is near a beautiful lake at 4500m. Tonight’s camp can prove to be one of our coldest night on this adventure tour.

Day 6: Yanacocha – Pumahuanca Pass – Mantanay Valley

Campsite Altitude: 3500m High Altitude: 4500m Accommodation: Deluxe Camping Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks

On the sixth day of the tour, we will wake up to have a hot cup of coffee/tea delivered to our tents, which will be soon followed by a wonderful breakfast. Then we will continue climbing the mountain to the pass of Pumahuanca for about 2 hours. Here, at the top of the pass, we will find a catholic symbol of Jesus Christ, and near to this, you will see the Andean offerings to the mountain, witnessing the mix of traditional cultures. This mountain is still worshiped by locals and every year many locals climb this peak in order to practice Incan rituals. After reaching the top, we descend 1000m to the valley of Mantanay, into the middle of the valley to enjoy a well deserved cooked lunch. Then we will keep hiking downhill for 2 hours to enjoy wonderful scenery of endemic trees, streams and beautiful lakes. Tonight we will camp in the middle of a forest of queuñas, which is a local Peruvian tree in danger of extinction.

Day 7: Mantanay – Yanahuara – Ollantaytambo – Pinkuylluna

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks Accommodation: Casa Andina Sacred Valley Hotel, Urubamba

On the seventh day, we will leave our camp early in the morning and begin our 2 hour hike to the village of Yanahuara. This will take you back to modern civilization. From here, we have to say goodbye to our porters and head cook and then take our transport to Ollantaytambo. Along the way, after a short 25-minute drive, we will stop at an archaeological site, which is the only Incan city where people still continue to live in the Incan houses. This village is protected by UNESCO and is considered to be a living museum. After exploring this site, we will get a chance to enjoy a traditional Andean lunch at a local restaurant. Then in the afternoon, we will climb the Mountain worshiped by the Incas and locals- PINKUYLLUNA. We will use a well-preserved and a scenic Inca trail to climb from 2800m to 3550m, to explore many amazing Incan constructions along the way and discuss, with the guides, its importance. After exploring the beautiful mountain trails, we will enjoy a delicious dinner together at the hotel in Urubamba. Then we will check into our boutique hotel to enjoy a well-deserved rest and prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s  great experience, the trek of the Inca trail.

Day 8: Ollantaytambo – Inca Trail Km 104 – Machupicchu

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks  Accommodation: Deluxe Hotel Accommodations, Aguas Calientes

On the eighth day of the tour, you will wake up early in the morning to enjoy breakfast and board the Tourist Expedition train at 7:20 am. You will travel along the Urubamba River for about 1:30 hours until km 104. Then we will leave the train and begin hiking the Inca trail to Wiñayhuayna and then onto Machu Picchu. Your hike begins at the Chachabamba Inca site, where you need to climb up 3:30 hours to Wiñayhuayna. This is one of the region’s most well-known and popular Inca sites. With amazing engineering and architecture, this site was kept a secret by the Incas. We will take the scenic trail from here, which is fascinating and travels along narrow Inca stone pathways. For your information, these trails are steep and without protection, so it is not recommended for those with fa ear of heights. Here, you can witness spectacular views of the valley’s Mountains and many Inca sites in all directions. Your launch site will be Wiñayhuayna. The next section of the trail will be easy and beautiful and will bring you close to a nice variety of flora and wildlife to see. We will then hike for about 1:20 hours to reach the Sun Gate to get the first view of the citadel of Machu Picchu. Today you can indulge yourself in taking photos of Machu Picchu and the surrounding flora and fauna. After spending some time here, we will then board the bus to our hotel in Aguas Calientes. Here we will enjoy a group dinner at one of Aguas Caliente’s local restaurants and enjoy a much-needed sleep in your hotel room before enjoying tomorrow’s Machu Picchu entry.

Day 9: Aguas Calientes – Inca Bridge- Machu Picchu – Cusco

Meals: Breakfast, deluxe snack bag Accommodation: Hilton Garden Inn, Cusco

Day 9 of your tour starts with a very early breakfast in order to enjoy our day in Machu Picchu. The tour starts by hiking along the Inca trail that ends in Machu Picchu, which is one of the flat stones on the edge of cliffs in the highland jungle and is well known as the Inca Bridge Trail. This will prove to be a fascinating hike, where very few tourists go. This walk will take approximately 35 minutes round trip to enjoy, and considered to be the best way to begin your tour by exploring the magical complex. After exploring the Inca Bridge you get a chance to relax and enjoy the best viewpoint of the Citadel, while our guide will continue his discussion about the mystery of Machu Picchu. After his discussion, your guide will lead you on a tour to explore the complete complex that lasts between 2 hours. At 10am we will get ready for the Huayna Picchu Mountain climb. After the climb, you will have some time to walk around on your own to take some pictures and then enjoy a delicious lunch (on your own) at one of the many restaurants located in Aguas Calientes. Lastly, we will take the afternoon back to Cusco city, where our driver will drive you back, by van, to your Cusco Hotel. You will arrive at your hotel around 7 pm.

Day 10: Goodbye Peru- The Last Day of the Tour

Meals: Breakfast

You will enjoy a free morning to relax or explore and then get a private transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.

What’s Included in our tour package?

  • Guiding Peru “Welcome Package”
  • Professional Peru English/Spanish speaking native guide(s)
  • Private transfers to and from the Cusco airport
  • 4 Nights Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Cusco
  • 3 Nights deluxe camping on Lares/Inca trail
  • 1 Night Casa Andina Hotel, Urubamba
  • 1 Night Deluxe Hotel, Aguas Calientes
  • Personal Porters for trek
  • Tents for trail (2 person shared 4 man tent)
  • Sleeping bag and deluxe foam mattress
  • Trekking poles
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Safe and reliable tourist vehicles
  • Lares/Inca Trail permits
  • Cusco Visitors Ticket
  • 21 Entrance tickets for all the Inca sites and tourist attractions
  • Guided tour of Machu Picchu
  • Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Climb permit
  • Cusco City guided tour with lunch
  • Sacred Valley guided tour with lunch
  • Expedition Train Tickets, bus tickets
  • Bus from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes
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"Awesome leadership, great preparation, outstanding food, a new adventure at every turn and....the contrast from 14000 ft. peaks to jungle canopy was what brought it all together....two worlds, one civilization, new friendships, and lots of fun. We'll be back!"

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"One final note - over the four days, one couldn't help looking over at the other groups of trekkers, observing and even chatting with along the trail. From groups of 2 to what looked like other groups of 30+ people, I don't think I found any group that was as well looked after as our group. You can stop looking now - go ahead and book with Guiding Peru."

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  • High Season (June – August): Dry season in the Andean highlands. Best time for dry conditions for hiking in the Sacred Valley and on Inca Trail.
  • Shoulder Season (September-November and March-May): Occasional rain storms Trails are less crowded, making for ideal visits with more solitude.
  • Low Season (December to February): Rainy season. Expect persistent daily rains. The Inca Trail is closed in February for trail maintenance and campsite clean up.

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